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ConversationApplying house: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and the director of student housing. Director: Well hello! It has been a while! How have you been? Student: Well, it's hard to believe my freshmen year's almost over. Director: Yes, it goes quickly. So, how'd it go? Student: Very well! Director: Good. Student: And now it's that time again. Got to get everything in order for September. Director: All right then. So, you're living at one of our program houses, the Eco House if I remember correctly. Student: Mhm ... Director: And you'd like to go back there next year? Student: Actually no I wouldn't. Director: Oh, was there a problem? Student: Nothing like that. All the residents of the Eco House are great; really committed to sustainable practices like recycling, organic gardening, energy conservation. It's just that ... now I want to broaden my horizons and move on to new things, so I'd like to give the Mary Blake House a try. Director: Well, you do know the Mary Blake House doesn't have a specific focus, a specific theme. Student: Yea, I know, but they actually have faculty living in the same building alongside the students and each week the faculty invite a different guest scholar to have dinner with everyone at the house. Director: That's right, guest scholars from a variety of academic backgrounds. Student: I'd have the chance to pick their brains, get inside to their experiences. I've decided that I want to get a more expansive view of everything. Director: I can appreciate that. Student: So, how do I go about applying? Director: Well, the application process is initiated through our website now. We're trying to make things easier, save time for students. Student: So, everything's available right on your homepage? Director: Exactly. Now, something to keep in mind if your application is approved: residents of the Mary Blake House can interview to be student assistants. Student assistants are university staff members who provide residents of the house with various types of support. Compensation includes a free room and a reduction in the cost of the house meal plan. Student: Oh, Oh, I'll definitely make a mental note about that. Director: Just for our records, how'd you first learn about the Mary Blake House? Student: Oh, through my roommate. A classmate of hers lives there and I know they had a famous architect as a guest there last week and this week a Broadway playwright. Why do you ask? Director: Well, we've been trying to generate publicity to get the word out about it since it's a relatively new program. Student: Well, I'm sure it'll take off and I'm hoping they'll decide to invite a journalist when I live there. Director: Any reason? Student: Well, that's what I'm thinking of changing my major course of study to. Freshmen year has been really eye opening for me. Director: Yes, apparently. And, say, it seems like you'd be able to give us a lot of feedback about your experience at the Eco House. We conduct a program house review every three years and we're right in the midst of that process. Could I count on you to help us out with that? It's just a form to fill out, a questionnaire. Student: I don't see why not.