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ConversationSign up for the trip to the Rocky MountainsAuthor: QQ-464094252: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a professor. Professor: Hi Seth! I haven't seen you for a while. How are you? Seth: I'm fine, thanks and pretty busy. I'm working part time as a journalist. Professor: That's great! Have you written any articles lately? Seth: Yeah, because of my knowledge of coastal processes, last month I wrote an article for the school newspaper about the process of coastal erosion and the beach replenishment project they've planned in Brenly Beach. They're spending a lot of money to rebuild the beach there. I'm going to try to get some pictures of the work they're doing, although I sometimes wonder if their plan is such a good idea. Professor: Yeah. Talk about fighting a losing battle. You know, maybe you could help me with a project. One of my research areas is the erosion of rock formations. And well, I am writing an article about the rate of the erosion of the cliff at Brenly Beach. Maybe you could help me by letting me use a few of your photographs for my articles. I have some but I wouldn't mind having a few more. I'd mention in the article that you took the picture. Seth: Sure, that'd be great. But I have a favor to ask you. You're still the faculty advisor for the rock climbing club right? I know it's a little late, but I was wondering if I could sign up for the trip to the Rocky Mountains next month. I'm doing a story in the local travel magazine about the rock formations there. It's a great opportunity to get my work out there and going with the club will allow me to do some on-site investigating, and it will be cheaper than going on my own because the magazine won't pay for the trip. You know, I'm a certified guide. I know my way around the cliffs there, so I could even help. Professor: Sure! You can sign up. You're still a member of the club, aren't you? But you didn't go on our last trip in Vermont. Seth: I think I'm still a member. Professor: Did you pay your dues? You know, the membership fee is not covered by your student activities fee anymore. A student has to pay at the beginning of the semester. Seth: Really? Isn't there anything you can do? Professor: Well, the rules are clearly stated in the student handbook. I really can't make an exception but I have an idea. Maybe you can go on the trip and work for the club in some capacity and as an employee ... we have a guide but he canceled last week. And since you're a guide, it's too late for you to get the group rate at the hotel and airfare, but you'd be paid. If that's okay, we'd be happy to have you. Seth: Okay. Yeah, that works for me.