GRE Text Completion: JiJing 1373-GRE填空机经1373题 - 4R7BKA5K03UA2782A

The order applies to all Federal agency whose actions may affect the status of invasive species and requires agencies to identify such actions to the extent practicable and permitted by law, and since invasive species severely reduce the number of native species and even (i)____________ their existence, the agency has determined and made public its determination that the benefits of such actions clearly outweigh the potential harm caused by invasive species; and that all feasible and (ii)____________ measures to (iii)____________ risk of harm of the introduction of invasive species will be taken in conjunction with the actions. A. escalate B. prudent C. remedy D. preclude E. mawkish F. counterbalance G. diminish H. braggart I. minimize