GRE Reading Comprehension: Maggoosh-GRE阅读Maggoosh - 4BSU7_8T6A15WTT2M

Which of the following best parallels the relationship between Charles-Edwards's and John Morris's interpretations regarding the existence of King Arthur? A. An ancient historical document is transcribed by three scholars, each of whom have similar translations but divergent interpretations. B. According to one archaeologist recent evidence unearthed at a dig suggests that North America may have been populated earlier than thought, while another archaeologist says that the evidence is too insubstantial to say for certain whether this is the case. C. Radio static picked up from distant space was thought to not follow a typical pattern, and therefore was thought by some scientists as indicative of other life forms, an interpretation that another group of scientists dismissed outright. D. A team of marine biologists recently found a prehistoric fish thought extinct for thousands of years. E. A work thought to be that of a Flemish master, upon being exposed as a forgery, was nonetheless bought by a museum claiming that the work was indeed the original.