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main idea. A. Rapid climate change has been proposed as a cause of the extinctions, though there is strong evidence that mammals were able to survive similar climate changes in the past. B. The climatic hypothesis has gained more support than the prehistoric overkill hypothesis because climate change can explain why very few extinctions occurred in Europe and Africa. C. Some researchers have begun to doubt the idea that mass extinctions occurred at the end of the Pleistocene, because large animal remains are rarely found at settlements dating from this time. D. Late Pleistocene hunters may have killed off large mammals when they first arrived in certain areas, but evidence from settlements and animal remains does not often support this hypothesis. E. According to the prehistoric overkill hypothesis, the extinctions were concentrated in North and South America because these areas had more hunters and smaller populations of large mammals. F. Although neither the climatic hypothesis nor the prehistoric overkill hypothesis alone explains late Pleistocene extinctions, elements of both and other factors may have contributed to the extinctions.