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ConversationAn assistant position: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee at the campus events office. Student: Hello, Mr. Brady. Do you have a moment? Mr. Brady: Yes, but I do leave in a few minutes to go to a meeting. What can I help you with? Student: Well, I was on the university's website going through the online postings. And I spotted an internship that's available in this office. Mr. Brady: Which one? We have several. Student: It's the event planning one. Now, I know you know you're looking for someone with experience, but how strict is that requirement? Mr. Brady: From what I remember, that particular internship doesn't require experience. It's an assistant position, but I'm afraid the deadline to apply was last Friday. Student: Are you sure? I thought it wasn't until the middle of next month. Mr. Brady: Oh, so we're not talking about the spring internship. Student: Oh, no. The summer one, you know, to help with the summer fair and exhibitions that the university will be holding this summer? Mr. Brady: Oh, okay. For that one, experience is a requirement. Because it's over the summer, so there'd be less supervision. But I'm not actually involved in the hiring decisions of that internship so I can't say for sure how strict of a requirement it is. Student: It's just ... Well, the fair and the exhibitions, they're all a part of the special focus on the scientific research being done here. Everything the intern will be working on is science related, so even though I've never done event planning or anything, I am a biology major. And I think that would be a definite advantage. I mean, I could really be useful when it comes to organizing these events. Mr. Brady: Okay, I see what you're saying. But as I've said before, I don't have any ... Student: No, no. I understand, but do you think I should apply anyway? Mr. Brady: Well, you definitely won't get the job if you don't. And maybe you should in your application letter you should write what you just told me about why you think you should be given this internship. Student: Okay, I will do that. And that reminds me, what do I need to do to apply? Mr. Brady: Well, let's see. Well, as I've said, you need to write a good cover letter stating why you would be a good choice. There is also an application form you need to fill out with work history, references, that sort of thing. I usually have a few of those in my office but I've just ran out. You can find the application on the university's website, though. Just print it and fill it in and bring it to us. Oh, and we need a letter of recommendation from one of your professors. In your case, you might want to think about asking one of your science professors. Female Student: Okay, I can do that. Thanks for your help!