GRE Text Completion: Maggoosh-GRE填空Maggoosh - 45DN5TMG34X5D541Y

Our (i)____________ the visual world – from the most startling colors to the tiniest distinction between two shades of grey – is only possible through the finely tuned (ii)____________ of eye and brain. For without light striking the retina, there would be no image for the occipital lobe to project, in a manner of speaking, onto the part of mind responsible for our visual awareness. And without the occipital lobe to (iii)____________ the cacophony of visual input being relayed from the eyes, there would be no coherent picture of reality to perceive. A. apprehension of B. collaboration C. suppress D. habituation to E. perception F. reform G. repudiation of H. differentiation I. manage