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ConversationThe designs on the t-shirts: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee in a campus bookstore. Student: Hi, I need sixty T-shirts with these designs on them. This is the design that's going on the front and this ... Employee: Well, hang on. Sixty t-shirts? Student: Right. You print the designs on the t-shirts here, right? Employee: Well, no. We don't actually. We send them out to a different stop. We just take care of the ordering part. Student: Oh, sorry. Employee: I don't need to write a description of the design on the order. I'll just submit these drawings with your paperwork. The artist from the shop will call you to discuss the details about the design, probably later today. Student: Alright. So this order is going to be for the astronomy department. Employee: Oh, I think they just did something like that for some marine biologist students. Student: Yeah. That's actually where we got our idea. There's going to be a big gathering, a great big party of all the science students. So we're just trying to, you know, stand out and identify ourselves. Employee: I see. Okay. So anything special, you know, material? Student: No, just basic T-shirts. Some of each size, you know, equally divided? Employee: Fine. Colors? Student: Oh no. I forgot to bring my list. It's so confusing. I can't remember which color is for which thing. Employee: Well, let's see. I can just take the other information and you can just come back later but you know that will hold things up. Student: Okay. I mean, I better not just guess. It's not my decision. It's everyone's. Employee: So I will just leave that part blank on the form for now. I have to say, it's an interesting design. Student: Yeah. On the front will be this drawing of our solar system, the Sun and the planets with our names written under them. See, Mercury, Venus, Earth all of them. Employee: But why is Pluto all along on the back of the t-shirt? Student: Pluto's not a planet anymore. I mean, it's not considered a major planet anymore. Scientists now call it a minor planet. Employee: Oh, right. So what is the difference between a major and a minor planet? Student: Basically, the major planets have enough gravity to either clear or capture all the mass in or near the orbits. Minor planets don't. Employee: I thought there was resistance to reclassifying Pluto. Student: Yeah, it was quite an argument. Anyway, on the front of the t-shirt, we want the word "major" written big above the major planets, above Venus and Earth and those. Then on the back, we want just Pluto by itself. Employee: Oh, I see what you're doing. Student: And above Pluto we want the words "and minors, all are welcome in the astronomy department" because we want people who are studying astronomy as their major, but we also want to encourage more students to take astronomy as their minor subjects. Employee: How clever! I don't think the t-shirt artist will have any problem with this. Student: Great! When will they be ready? Employee: Well, it usually takes a week. But that's a week after we have the complete order, so ... Student: Right. I don't know if Professor Sims is in today, but I will come back as soon as I can.