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Evolutionary and steady-state theories have been proposed to explain the large-scale structure of the universe. A. The Big Bang theory maintains that the continuous creation of matter is the explanation for why the universe is expanding at a constant rate. B. While the steady-state cosmology rejects the belief that the universe has an end, it accepts the possibility that the universe had a beginning. C. The distribution of quasars suggests that the large-scale structure of the universe has changed over time and thus makes the evolutionary theory more plausible than the steady-state theory. D. The evolutionary theory maintains that the universe had a beginning with a high density explosion and has been expanding to yield a less dense distribution of matter ever since. E. The steady-state theory maintains that the expanding universe has existed forever, with new matter being continuously created to keep the large-scale density of matter the same as we observe it today. F. The extreme brightness of quasars is proof of an explosion that marked the beginning of the universe as hypothesized by the evolutionary cosmology.