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The accuracy of the historical record concerning the Incas is problematic. A. Numerous aspects of Incan life were recorded in the sixteenth century but many historical documents created at this time were lost or destroyed. B. Many Spaniards were interested primarily in the expansion of the Incan empire and therefore ignored other periods of Incan history. Mostly, principally. C. The fact that the Incan informants remained sources of information about themselves as well as inconsistencies in place names call the sound aspects of the accounts into question. D. Descriptions of Incan society may often be influenced by the cultural biases of people writing about Incas. E. Incorrect information may sometimes have been knowingly included in historical records because it was advantageous to the person including such information. F. The movement of people due to the Incan conquest and the settlement of the Spanish has caused much confusion about place names in the historical record.