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ConversationSeason Tickets: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee at the university theater. Student: Hey, everyone has been telling you what's a great line of plays you guys are presenting the season. Employee: Yeah, its gonna be wonderful. I am excited about it. Have you seen our production of Hamlet? We do it every year. Student: No, I haven't. But I want to. I also want to see A Streetcar Named Desire. But mainly I was wondering, see my parents are coming to visit the first weekend in November. And I'd like to take them to see something. Employee: When, you're luck. That's when Hamlet opens. And if you are interested in Streetcar as well. Have you considered purchasing season tickets? Student: Not really, but is there a discount if you buy season tickets? You know, is it cheaper than buying individual tickets for each show? Employee: It does come out to a few dollars cheaper per ticket. But there are other advantages. Season ticket holders are assigned to best seats for one. And they can buy extra tickets for individual performances before they go on sell to non-season ticket holders. Student: Hmmm. Employee: So, do you want to get season tickets for yourself and then buy extra tickets for your parents? The only catch is I can't guarantee that the seats would be together. Because season and individual tickets orders are processed separately . Student: That's not a problem. But I'm not sure if I want to do season tickets. How hard do you think it would be to get tickets for the Hamlet performance? Like if I came in next week. I need to confirm the date with my parents. Employee: Well, right now, we are selling season tickets only. If you want to buy tickets for the play only, individual tickets go on sell next month. You will be able to buy them here, the box office or order them through our website. But, I will tell you. Based upon past year sells for Hamlet, I wouldn't wait too long to get the tickets once they go on to sell. And oh, I forgot to mention, season ticket holders also get free admission to something new to season, preperformances talk, the talk starts an hour before each show, and we will be given by faculty in our drum department. The idea is to enhance the audiences' appreciation of the play they are about to see. They will also serve some live refreshments. Regular ticket holders who want to attain will have to pay an extra fee. Student: That's a great selling point for season tickets. Employee: So is that mean you like to buy them? Student: It would be great to go to all the performances. But realistically, I don't know if I can swing that. Employee: Sure, I understand. You've got plenty of time to decide about the season tickets. In the meantime, why don't you grab one of those flyers on the rack over there on you way out? It got a complete calendar of all our performances night late times, evening shows. There are also details on single ticket prices as well as season tickets in another packet deals.