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ConversationWhite Island: Narrator: Listen to a conversation at the information desk in the library. Employee: Hi, can I help you? Student: Yeah, I was looking for a book and according to the catalogue on the computer system, it's here in the library, but it's not on the shelf where it's supposed to be. Employee: Okay. You mean you found out where the book was supposed to be? Student: Yeah, and I checked the exact shelf. Employee: Okay. I mean the reason I'm asking is we have a new computer system. Sometimes people get confused by it. But yeah, sometimes things just get put back in the wrong place. Or sometimes when you looked through the computer for the book, did you notice the box on the screen that says "status" on top? Student: Yes. Employee: Okay. Do you remember what it said in the status box? Student: Sure, it said returned. Employee: Okay. That means we just got the book back and haven't had a chance to reshelf it yet. Otherwise it would say "on the shelf". It's probably still sitting on the librarian's desk. If it can wait, come back tomorrow. It should be on the shelf by then. Student: Okay. Well, I kind of want to get started today. I'm doing research on a project for my geology class on volcanoes and one of the volcanoes I want to write about is White Island. Employee: White Island? That's an island off the coast of Ireland. There are no volcanoes there, are there? Student: Actually, it gets a bit confusing because there are a bunch of places called White Island. So when I did searches on the library's computer, I got entries on the White Island off the coast of Ireland and for some other places. But the one I'm looking for is in New Zealand and I couldn't find anything on it except for the one book that's missing from the shelf. Employee: So White Island is the name of the volcano you're studying or the name of the island where there is a volcano? Student: Both, actually. It's a volcanic island that's made up of just a volcano. Employee: Okay. Do you need a book or can you use a journal article? Student: Any information would be great. All I found was that missing book. I didn't find any articles at all. Employee: Okay. The reason you may have missed our journal articles is because of the new search system I mentioned. It's really new and at the moment if you want to search for articles, you cannot just type the topic you're searching for but you also have to type in the word "journal" at the end. It's not ideal and it's something that should be fixed soon. But for now, I would recommend doing another search. This time include the word "journal" as a keyword. Student: Oh, I see. Employee: So when you do your search, type in "volcano", "White Island", "New Zealand", and "journal" as keywords. That should give you some useful articles. Student: Thanks for the tip.