GRE Text Completion: JiJing 1373-GRE填空机经1373题 - 342778797A8D0LLJA

For Ruskin, architecture serves the community only when approached in a spirit of piety and (i)____________. Architecture must set effective boundaries to public space, and it does so by (ii)____________ the desire to show off, to stand out, to record the artistic flair of some temporary ego. Architecture succeeds in its public task through (iii)____________ and devotion, of the kind that can be observed in the moulding, firing and laying of a properly proportioned brick, but which is violated at every point by Frank Gehry's bombastic Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. A. altruism B. retrieving C. humility D. sanctimony E. fastening F. demise G. sacrifice H. relinquishing I. braggadocio