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ConversationA room I reserved: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee at the facilities management office. Employee: Hi! Can I help you? Student: Yeah, um, I hope everything's okay, after all the problems with computers on campus this week. I mean, the events scheduling requests, the uh, the the room requests weren't affected, were they? Employee: Oh no, I don't think they were, but we've been so busy trying to get back on track ... Wait, you're from the technology help desk, aren't you? Is there another problem? Everything seems okay ... I mean, if there's nothing wrong, you didn't have to come all the way over here, you could have called, or emailed ... Student: Well, um, actually there's a room I reserved for an event. I expected to get confirmation earlier this week but I haven't heard yet, so I thought I'd drop by. Employee: Well, the problems we had have slowed us down, I don't think we lost anyone's reservation but we've been a little behind in sending out the confirmation emails. What name is the reservation under? Student: Williams. I requested the auditorium in Marsden hall, and it's for this Friday morning. Employee: Hmm ... I don't see a reservation in your name for the auditorium ... but here's one for the conference room in Marsden hall, it's a smaller room. Student: Yeah! I reserved that room first, but I canceled it when I reserved the auditorium. I realised I would need a larger room for my class, uh, more people are coming than I originally thought Employee: Oh, let me check again. noo, I don't see it. And it looks like the auditorium has already been reserved. I'm sorry. I don't know what happened, it's possible we lost the form ... or someone thought you had submitted the same reservation twice. Hard to believe, but they might not have noticed that it was two different rooms Student: Oh, can you check and see if there's another room available at that time that will accommodate 40 people? The speaker has a flight to Chicago that afternoon, so ... Employee: Oh! I see that there's a room available in North Hall at that time ... Oh oh ... Student: What's the matter? Employee: The screen has gone blank ... Not again ... Student: You want me to look at it? Employee: Oh wait, oh it's okay Student: Sounds like you still have a problem. If you want I can come back after my class and I can try to figure out what the problem is. Employee: Thanks! That would be great. Okay, I'll reserve the auditorium in North hall. It's the small auditorium ... is that okay? and I'll cancel the room in Marsden hall? Student: Right, and the small auditorium holds 40 people? Employee: Yes it does. Student: Good! That should do it. Thanks a lot for your help, and OH, and uh, see you later.