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ConversationChanging the major fieldAuthor: QQ-464094252: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and her academic advisor. Advisor: What's on your mind, Sara? Sara: Well, I've been taking a couple of biology classes this semester, and I really like it and well, I'd decided I'd like to change my major field of study and get a degree in biology instead of math. Advisor: Oh ... oh, okay. But you only have two more years here before you're scheduled to graduate. And you know that is probably not enough time to take all the courses you need. So, if you change your major you may end up graduating late. Sara: Well, but you know the biology department summer program, the one just for undergraduates? Advisor: Sure, but the application deadline has already passed. Sara: Oh yes, I know. What ... what I wanted to ask is, well, do you know of any similar programs elsewhere where I can take the courses and have the credits transferred here? Advisor: Okay. Oh ... I see now. Well, a few of our students have attended the summer program at the York Institute of Technology on the other side of the city. Their summer program in biology is a good one. They offer a variety of areas to focus on like cell biology, marine biology, even biotechnology. It will all be on their website. Sara: Wow! Sounds good! Advisor: You could take two courses there this summer which would apply to your degree here. Sara: Oh, but I would need to take three to graduate on time. Advisor: Well, maybe you can do the York Summer Program and an independent study project with one of your biology professors here. Sara: Okay. Advisor: But many professors here have already left for the summer, so you might have difficulty finding someone to supervise you during this summer. But maybe you could schedule up for next summer. Sara: Yeah, that would work. I will do that. Oh, do you know when the application deadline is for York? Advisor: I believe it's a week from now. Sara: Oh, guess I will have to act fast. Oh, but one thing. When I got my grades back last semester, the grades from my mathematical modeling class was wrong. It was lower than what I actually earned. My professor submitted the paperwork to get it corrected but he said it could take us a week before the right grade shows up on my official records. What if York Institute wants to see my grades when I apply? Advisor: Uh ... Well, if it's not corrected in time, ask your professor to write a letter explaining the situation and include it in your application. That should be acceptable.