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main idea. A. The division of the Roman Empire into two parts was particularly damaging for the Western Empire because it relied on the Eastern Empire for economic support. B. The heirs of Theodosius came to the throne as young children, allowing them to be dominated by advisors who competed for influence at the expense of the empire's welfare. C. Western emperors after Theodosius were unable to emphasize their civilian role because of their need to rely on the protection of Germanic generals loyal to them. D. Compared to the Eastern Empire, the Western Empire had many disadvantages, including more foreign enemies and fewer material and human resources. E. Resentment against Germanic chieftains achieving high rank in the Roman military and factionalism among Roman leaders were among the causes of the period's considerable instability. F. As the resources needed to secure Rome's borders increased, serious conflicts developed among Roman leaders over how best to protect Roman territory against invading tribes.