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ConversationLooking for information on temporary jobs: Narrator: Listen to a conversation in a university employment office. Student: Hi, I'm looking for information on temporary jobs, something just for the summer. Would you have information about that? Employee: We do, but you realize most of what we do here is help graduating seniors find permanent entry level positions. Let's see. Are you looking for on-campus or off-campus work? Student: Actually, I work on-campus in the cafeteria now, but it's only a part-time job about 15 hours a week. I was hoping to find something a little more ... Employee: With a few more hours. Student: I've asked for more hours at the cafeteria, but they don't have anything available, so now I'm here. Employee: And an off-campus job would be okay? Student: Sure. I mean, if anything is available. Employee: Okay, one thing I can suggest to do is to register for the job fair coming up in a couple of weeks. Student: Job fair? I thought that was only for graduates looking for permanent jobs. Employee: You're right. Most of the companies they will be looking to hire recent graduates for permanent jobs, but there will be a few that are trying to hire students for summer work. There are also usually some internships advertised there. The pay is okay, and they're full time and you might even be able to get some academic credits as long as it relates to your major, which is? Student: Biology. Employee: So I assume that you do a lot of work in the laboratory? Student: Some, yeah. Employee: That's great. There will be some companies and maybe a couple of hospitals at the job fair looking for biology majors for summer internships, especially those with lab experience. But you know, keep your eyes open. A lot of jobs can qualify as internships even if they don't have the word "intern" in the title as long as the work is somehow related to your major. Of course, there's some paperwork involved: getting it okayed by your department and getting your advisor's signature. Student: So even if I'm doing, I don't know, some kind of office work, I can get class credit? Employee: That tends to be the case, not always but ... Student: I guess an internship would be okay, but I don't want to limit myself. I will take anything. It's just for the summer but as far as on-campus jobs ... Employee: Okay. You understand with so few students on campus during the summer, there's really no need ... Student: For anybody to hire any more workers? Employee: It would be very difficult to find anything. Student: Okay. Do you have a list of who's going to be hiring at the fair? Employee: Sure. I have a list of the companies and the positions they're hiring for. Student: Thanks.