ConversationSome eco-friendly products: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and his studio art professor. Martie: Hi, Professor Jones, do you have a minute? Professor Jones: Sure Martie, what's up? Is it about the class assignment this week? Martie: No, no. I'm almost done, really enjoying it. Professor Jones: I'm glad to hear that. Martie: So. Well, I've been talking to some of the other students in our studio art class and, we were wondering who to talk to about maybe buying art supplies that are more environmentally safe for the art classes. Professor Jones: Well, that'd be me. As the chair of the art department, I do have a say in purchasing decisions. But, of course everything is voted on by the department faculty. You know, we only buy some eco-friendly products. For example, the easels in your painting studio, they are made of wood from the South American eucalyptus tree. The trees grow really fast and new trees grow from the stumps of trees that have already been harvested. How's that for a renewable resource? Martie: I didn't know that. That's great. We were thinking about like, drawing paper and pencils. There are some really cool companies that use recycled paper to make drawing paper and some pencil companies that make greener products out of wood from sustainable forests. Professor Jones: Well, I can see you've done some research. Why don't you write up a proposal? You can give us a list with the prices of the eco-friendly supplies you'd like the department to consider, and the faculty can compare that to the cost of supplies we're buying now at our next meeting. Martie: Oh yeah, I should have realized it all comes down to cost. Professor Jones: Well, yes, in part. I mean we do have a budget for supplies and most of that money has been spent for this year. But you know, the university has been allocating extra funds for a lot of eco-friendly initiatives. It's part of their new green campus initiative. Martie: Yeah, the solar panels were recently installed on the roof of my dorm. And actually, I read an article about the initiative in the campus newspaper. There's a committee, I think there's even some student representation that make the decisions about how the university will implement some environmentally friendly practices. Professor Jones: Right, the green committee. And the solar panels you mentioned are just one of the many things they've done. So. I don't know, given a university's commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly, and the fact that the university does receive partial funding from the state government to support this initiative, you never know. Martie: Okay. Um. When do you want the figures? Professor Jones: Well, the next meeting of the art department faculty is at the beginning of next month, which gives you about three weeks. Martie: That should be enough time. We'll get to work on it right away. Thanks for your help.