ConversationLocate A Political Book: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a library employee. Student: Hi, I am looking for this book, The American Judicial System, and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I need to read a chapter for my Political Science class. Employee: Let me check in the computer. Um, doesn't seem to be checked out, and it's not on reserve. You've checked the shelves, I assume? Student: Yeah, I even checked other shelves and tables next to where the book should be. Employee: Well, it's still here in the library, so people must be using it. You know, this seems to be a very popular book title. We show six copies, none are checked out, and yet you didn't even find one copy on the shelves. Is it a big class? Student: Maybe about seventy-five? Employee: Well, you should ask your professor to put some of the copies on reserve. You know about the reserve system, right? Student: I know you have to read reserved books in the library and that you have time limits, but I didn't know that I could ask a professor to put a book on reserve. I mean, I thought the professors make that kind of decision at the beginning of the semester. Employee: No, they can put books on reserve at any time during the semester. Student: You know, reserving books seems a bit unfair. What if someone who's not in the class wants to use the book? Employee: That's why I said some copies! Student: Ah! Well, I'll certainly talk to my professor about it tomorrow. But what am I going to do tonight? Employee: I guess you could walk around the Poli/Sci section and look at the books waiting to be re-shelved. Student: There do seem to be more than normal. Employee: We're a little short-staffed right now. Someone quit recently, so things aren't getting re-shelved as quickly as usual. I don't think they've hired a replacement yet, so, yeah, the un-shelved books can get a bit out of hand. Student: This may sound a bit weird, but, I've been thinking about getting a job. Um, I've never worked in a library before, but ... Employee: That's not a requirement. The job might still be open. At the beginning of the semester, we were swamped with applications, but, I guess everyone who wants a job has one by now. Student: What can you tell me about the job? Employee: Well, we work between six and ten hours a week, so it's a reasonable amount. Usually we can pick the hours we want to work, but since you'll be starting so late in the semester, I'm not sure how that would work for you. And, uh, we get paid the normal university rates for student employees. Student: So, who do I talk to? Employee: I guess you'd talk to Dr. Jenkins, the head librarian. She does the hiring.