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ConversationEnrollment problem: Narrator: Listen to part of a conversation between a student and her academic advisor. Student: I thought I had my course schedule for the spring term all figured out. But now I think I've got a problem. Advisor: Is this about the applied mathematics course? That's a must for engineering majors. And trust me, no matter what your friends may say, it's much more manageable than you think. Really, the sooner you can check it off your list the better. Student: No, no. I'm definitely enrolled in applied mathematics and after talking with you last week, I also registered for professor Garner's new course – Energy Sources for the Next Century – for the engineering credit, and then C perspective at it. Advisor: Many people are. It's the first time in ages the engineering department had to put students on a waiting list. Student: A waiting list, Really? Advisor: I guess the topic of the course is so relevant right now. Student: That's so true. Like, I was just reading in this article. We need new ways of thinking about energy. Burning fossil fuels at current rates isn't sustainable or environmentally sound. Advisor: It sounds as though you'll be sure to benefit from professor Garner's class. Student: I hope so and I'm really excited at the field trips. The course catalogue says we're gonna tour an oil refinery. Advisor: Interesting though that sounds more like technology for today, not tomorrow. Student: I know. But I read that fossil fuels will be part of the picture for a long time. So I'm guessing will probably be thinking about ways a refinery could become more ... you know ... more efficient. Advisor: Make sense. So how's the rest of your Spring schedule? Did you fit in any other required courses? Student: Well that's where the problem is. To fill the language requirement, I figured I'd continue Chinese with the intermediate level course, but it looks like that won't happen until next year. Advisor: What's that. You're about to complete introductory Chinese, and it looks like it'll be with flying colors. So ... Student: I know, but right now, all three sections are filled to the max. Advisor: Um, but if there's that much demand, isn't there a chance they'll open an additional section of intermediate Chinese? Is there a language coordinator you could talk to? Student: I did. And he said that they weren't expecting enrollment to be so high and that they're trying to hire another professor. But he told me, I shouldn't hold my breath.